Companion of the Temple

companion-of-the-templeBoth men and women are eligible for the Companion of the Temple award, and need not be Masons. The jewel of a Companion of the Temple is to be pinned on the left side of a dress, blouse, or sweater for ladies and a blazer or suit coat for men.

Lois Masters
Darlene Hildreth
Jacqueline Marshall
Lillian Aldrich
Robin Hill (2012)
Carlene Emmert (2012)
Karen Loper
Linda Johnson
Marcia Andersen (2013)
Gayle Radloff (2013)
Rebecca Harrison (2013)
Cynthia Dryer (2013)
Barbara Bryngleson (2014)
Genni Smith (2015)
Kathy Bohlen Erickson (2016)
Marilyn A. Good (2016)